Meraki Is Not Just a Brand To Produce Multiple Products

We, a group of four students with a common interest in arts, initially came up with an idea to open a small scale business to provide authentic art products through online service in Chitwan. We originally discussed the present market scenario and how art is still disregarded in our society. Then, we thought about ways to make people believe how art can change the whole vibe of a person and a place.

Thus, Meraki came into existence to let us put our soul into the things we work on, just as its name suggests. Since we pour life into our imaginations, we made a logo that best represents a life blooming from our hand. Meraki is not just a brand to produce multiple printed products; we plan on giving our level best on each item we sell, for we have a bigger picture set in our minds and hearts to help few students in Humla who have little to no access to proper education let alone arts. We believe imagination belongs to those who dare to dream, and everybody should at least have a choice to dream.

Just as we were looking for a kick start, Boston College organized BIC Startups, a perfect opportunity for us to learn more about startups. So, for about a week, a boot camp was organized in collaboration with Skill Lab, and we took part. We got to explore many aspects of business planning from the boot camp, possible hurdles, the elements we cover and learn more about our target customers. As we listened, observed, and interacted with other startups and the organizers with guest speakers, we came up with a better version of our plan that can be both feasible and practical. On our last day, we had a demo session for the pitch deck where we collected and edited our information and made a quick presentation for the pitch deck, which is a practice for our final pitch, which will probably be held in September.

At last, we decided on finalizing our business in two significant aspects; customized art products and art services. Customized art products include printed t-shirts, cups, pillowcases, phone cases, bullet journals, birthday cards, digital prints, while art services include wall painting, commissioned art, art workshops and exhibitions.

To conclude, we are planning to open our online service just after the lockdown is over. We will start by reaching out to our family and friends, who are already excited about our plan and then gradually reach out to colleges, schools, and restaurants to meet our target customers. We believe in imagination and are driven by our creative instincts. We can assure you that we can provide our customers with high-quality art products and services reasonably with a very aesthetically pleasing look that other Nepali products have failed to achieve.