Action of SP Rana: Here is the progress report of two months in Banke

Nepalgunj: The progress made under the leadership of SP Om Bahadur Rana, who has come to assume command of the District Police Office, Banke, is enviable.

It has been two months and three days since he arrived in Banke. But the leap of progress has taken everyone by surprise. Dozens of achievements ranging from Most Wanted Arrest to Control of Smuggling and Criminal Activity have reached the pinnacle of Banke Police.

The details of arrest of people and vehicles involved in customs evasion and import are noteworthy. Police activism has become widespread in Banke under the leadership of SP Rana in the campaign to curb criminal activities in the border areas. 57 people have been arrested for smuggling goods. However, it has managed to collect more than Rs 7.5 million in revenue.

Mustawanted has been arrested under his leadership. Those involved in drug trafficking have been arrested. Similarly, the issue of implementation of traffic rules has been tightened. In a period of two months, 98 absconding accused have been arrested.

See the progress report of SP Rana leadership for 2 months and 3 days