Jaleshwar jail waterlogged

Kathmandu :The Jaleshwar jail premise has become waterlogged for few days now. According to acting jailer Maksudan Mahaseth, the jail area is inundated triggered by incessant rainfall since last Wednesday.

The jail building constructed about 160 years back during the Rana regime is situated at a low-lying area in the Jaleshwar Municipality-2 and faces inundation problem in rainy season each year.

The main entrance gate and most of the parts of the ground floor are waterlogged. There are 495 males and 46 female inmates, and four children living in the jail. Security personnel, jail birds, security guards among others are facing hardship for daily activities due to inundation.

They even are facing hardship for cooking food, sitting and sleeping in the rooms as well. Mahaseth added that 145 inmates are suffering from high fever and four others have diarrhoea. Mahaseth further added that they have frequently urged the municipality to address the problem but to no avail so far. Ratopati