Nepal officials fear locust attack again

Nepal’s agriculture officials have said big swarms of locusts have begun flying northward from Rajasthan of India, warning they could arrive in Nepal.Earlier, two weeks ago, Nepal had reported the arrival for locust swarms. However, later it was reported that many of the insects died whereas many turned inactive.

But, now again, the swarms spread across 400 hectares of land have begun heading northward, according to the Locust Information Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.

In Nepal, farmers and stakeholders in southern plains and inner Madhes regions of the country should be more prepared than others, the centre’s chief Ram Krishna Subedi informs.

“In favourable weather conditions, the swarms should have gone westward to the desert. But, due to another current of air, the maturing swarms are likely to head towards the northeastern side. They are likely to enter Nepal also,” Subedi says in an advisory on Friday morning.Onlinekhabar