Providing sewing machine to Ram Janaki Ashram

Aananda Pokharel

Chitwan: A sewing machine has been provided to the Ramjanki Balika Ashram at Devghat in Chitwan for the purpose of making them self-reliant by teaching them skills. The girls in the ashram have been provided with a sewing machine after they were embarrassed by the corona virus (Covid-19) which has spread all over the world.

Social worker Chhaya Shrestha informed that Rudy York provided sewing machine with the help of various people. Mentioning that there are 32 adolescents in Ramjan’s Balika Ashram, Shrestha said that they are coordinating with various donors as there is a need for help there. After receiving the sewing machine, the girls of the ashram will be able to sew school uniforms by themselves and will be self-reliant by learning the skill, said Shrestha.

According to Shrestha, Ramesh Sapkota, Ram Chandra Khatri, Rohit Kumar Shrestha and others have coordinated to provide the machine to the ashram.