State of affairs @ COVID-19 : Natural or anonymous plot? Political or trade war?

Prabesh Khatiwada  : Now, the quandary of its origination no longerexists in terms of naturally cultivated or manually triggered by an anonymous.The developed sequences of incident come to an endup with no biological origination, even though prominent rumor still needs to be explored. It’s not only a strife between two big economies but a pure biological-weapon war between them. Yes,ploy of United States to safeguard prevailing hegemony against increasing economic and political footprint of China throughout the globe.Of any kind, the climax upshot would be and its wrap-up way, the facts and figurespinpointsnull chances of creative destruction but liable to wipe out human, financial, physical, social and natural capital resulting awful world economic recession which is foreseeable.  A big question mark is at the same timeas conspirator risk having its own burial or they limit a possible risk on their land, still they do agamble but on what grounds of rationale?The below listed points aims to look at an ongoing and above-mentioned illusion discourse and they are:

How Covid-19 virus acknowledges the list of American rivalry countries as China as a start-up, Iran in the middle east and Italy in the south-central Europe as a result becomes the epicenter?It’s an open secret about the Sino-American political and economic wrangle, latest relation of Iran-USA nexus after Soleimani caseand Italy as China’s BRI signatory nation.

On mid-february, Trump asserts that,‘’covid-19 will wipe out by April, no need to hustle.’’He seemspoiseenough on all his official statement about less likelihood of outbreak on their land prior to their novel coronavirus medicine manufacturing and supply.His often oration encompasses with own appraisal that, “we are the world resilient nation having world largest economy including best medical technology and arms and ammunition amongst the rest of the world.”Its ironical meaning pinpointsthat china is too far and wide to compete and if the spread would have been on their land, they could handle it in a wonder way.In the conference of White House podium held on Feb. 27, Trump claims that, ‘’it’s going to disappear one day like a miracle.’’Responding to the pandemic on last Friday i.e. 13th march, during a news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., President shakes his hands with Barin Cornell, the chairman and CEO of Target Corporation,moments after President Donald Trump declared a national emergency.

Similarly, other officials follow the same rite as well as manhandled the microphone on podium. This was against CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s health and safety guidelines to prevent oneself from being contaminated from novel coronavirus. These allweird confidence clarifies that trump administration isquite sure that his country isthe one and only with covid-19 medications, having it on their pipeline.

Elseways, China was ready to take US aids at the outset during the breakout phase. On the very hike in figure, there was not any conspiracy assertions officiallyrevealedby Chinese government, the way they stood firmly and cope up with is commendable but still the figure of victims is 80,849 and 25 new cases as of today, till this writing now. It has not been eradicated but has brought outbreak under controls. So long as, it won’t eradicateforever, the closing of lastly built temporarily 15 hospitals is immense suspense. Their rationale complies with the daily number of reported new cases hitting a record low. The fact is that, smart and prudent nation like China in an ordinary condition can’t even think ofclosingthose temporary built infrastructures until and unless its spread gets controlled or eradicated. This confidence can’t be shown without remedies on their hand.

Concurrently, they announce to offer special assistance to Iran and Italy on top priorities to cope-up with corona on Thursday (March 12). Zhao Lijian, the spokesperson of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, claims that, they owe US an explanation of covid-19 origination planting the seeds of doubt. The country that was ready to accept the US aids during the breakout phase, later speaks against the plot and declare to aids Iran and Italy. It means, China articulates when the condition gradually gets better or under control and before making aids proposal to Iran and Italy, they speak against the conspiracy to let the whole universe about their stand on covid-19 revealing the fact of conspiracy. This seems done in a arranged way as major countries and their people of the world are speculating as an American ploy, the Chinese officials speaks it in the meantime to draw sentiments, horrifying Italy and Iran  to build an alliance because before they were rival with America but not united. It’s also to give the message around the world that the prevailing world leader, omnipotent nation conspiracy is disgusting and anti-humanitarian plot just to earn the trillions of dollars. It also clues that; Sinostand on this position when their researchers and scientist assures government officials about the close formulation of covid-19 medical remedies. Notwithstanding, covid-19 origination is s not a Chinese plot but now they ploy as well to trade the covid-19 medicine alike US. The coming incidents and how things take place would fix their trillions of dollars trade war race. Thereof, it’s a biological weapon war via disgusting and anti-humanitarian conspiracy plotbetween two gigantic economies to win the trillions of dollar trade race.

By and large, It’s a preplanned biological war between Sino-US, the fact at the back of the curtain is trillions of dollar medical trade after the pandemic gets more worst. In this context, China and US has their own strategy to win the bio-war commerce race. China has blamed US army for the covid-19 origin just prior to its declaration of aids to Asia and Europe epicenter. It’s not only to brought up Iran and Italy into its alliance but also to undress US anti-humanitarian conspiracy. This trick stops US to come up with Covid-19 medical formula and its manufacturing and sales of medicine to the global market for a time being. That’s why US is now in pressure to come up with the drug via next route i.e. Israel, UK, New Zealand or Australia which it suits and gets fit in. At the outset, US plans to cripple China and its alliance economy so that its competitors get collapsed and to generate trillions of dollars which is alike one formula two hunt policy.But then again, when China itself is near to invent the covid-19 medicine US hustle like an immature old man.

CPH, Denmark                             15th March 2020